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Weekend Group Counselling 2012

I am pleased to annouce that I am offering five spaces on each of the two day group counselling weekends below:  

26th & 27th May 2012, 10am – 5pm 

30th June & 1st July 2012, 10am – 5pm 

£110 Per Person Per weekend

(Light Lunch and Refreshments Provided)

The group will take the format of Transactional Analysis process therapy.  What this means is; I will facilitate the group to have a safe confidential space to develop understanding, awareness and insights of yourself and others.   

Each group member will have the valuable role of offering time and space along with constructive (I+ U+) feedback and perceptions to help one another achieve your desired goals.  

I will work in the group with the therapeutic relationship(s) to facilitate change and growth for each individual.  I will use different methods of therapeutic interventions such as; creativity, imagery, metaphor and psycho-educational processes etc. to help facilitate the change and growth in you dependant on your individual needs.  

The group process is valuable and can be profoundly moving as it offers you a chance to be seen, to change and develop new healthy life patterns.  To empower your personal growth, this enables you to move towards autonomy. 

If you are interested in joining the group, contact me on 07972 260 430.

I look forward to your contact.